What to pack for vegas

For those who have never been to Las Vegas, you may be completely clueless as to what to pack. With Vegas having so much to offer travelers, it’s important to do your research as to what you want to do as the options can be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to check out a show, try your luck at the tables, party hard, or simply enjoy the atmosphere and amazing hotel amenities, you’ll need to pack appropriately.

1. Include everything you need to live up the nightlife. Vegas is home to many night clubs and other party locales. You want to ensure you have the right wardrobe in your suitcase for these settings. Let’s be honest, most women like to wear snug clothing that hugs their body, with heels that make them really stand out in the crowd. Men tend to match their companions with a dressy shirt and khakis or slacks. Women should bring along a purse with a long strap to keep their money and other personal effects safe.

2. The walks along the strip should be all about comfort. Forego the dressy wardrobes if you are going to be out and about all day. Instead, think nice flats or sandals – something you can walk in for hours with no problem. Men could get away with tennis shoes if they preferred. The strip is long and being in heels or dress shoes that aren’t forgiving can ruin the rest of your Las Vegas vacation. A shady hat and sunglasses are also a must for a stroll in the bright Vegas sun.

3. Pack suitable clothing for the casinos. You’ll be doing a lot of standing and sitting, whether you are playing Roulette or trying your hand at the slot machines. The last thing you want to do is be uncomfortable while trying to enjoy the night. Clothing with pockets or a fanny pack will help you keep up with money as you play. You may not be the most fashionable, but you would be the most prepared and comfortable!

Think about what you’d wear if you were playing games for fun. Jeans and a nice top are suitable for men and women at most casinos. Women may want to go a little less casual with a long, flowing dress. Consider packing a light jacket as well, as the room may be a bit cool thanks to the nice air conditioners.

4. Don’t forget a nice swimsuit for the hotel swimming pools. Even if you just want to do a little sunbathing, pack your best bikini or one-piece swimwear for your Vegas trip. Many of the Vegas hotels have indoor pools, should it be too cool to enjoy the outdoor one. Add a light cover-up to your luggage so you can sit and enjoy the poolside bar in comfort.

5. Hiking is something that many don’t think about when traveling to Vegas. However, there are some great trails not too far from the city that you can venture through while on vacation. Make sure you pack the appropriate clothing and accessories for your journey. You need comfortable, durable clothing, protective boots, water, snacks, and sunscreen. A backpack to carry all of the necessary items for hiking is also a good idea.

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