What is Annual Travel Insurance Cover? Explanation and information

Annual cover can be the cheapest option when it comes to making sure you are covered to travel more than two times each year. It is a great option for both single travellers and couples.

seagullsWhat Annual cover offers:

  •  Cover lasts a whole year
  •  Travel as many times as you like over the year
  •  Travel to as many destinations as you like
  •  24/7 Emergency Medical Support
  •  Cancellation, Money and Baggage Cover
  •  Up to three under 18’s are often included for FREE with an adult policy


Length of annual travel insurance policy cover:

Annual travel insurance policies last for the whole year, and are designed for those travelling two or more times. However, it is common for the policy to be limited to 31 days of consecutive travel. You are still able to take as many trips as you like with this policy, but must remain aware that there is a restriction on consecutive travel.

There may be policies that offer extended periods of consecutive travel, but they may come at extra expense. Check for this when you compare different travel insurance policies, as you don’t want to get caught out.

Annual travel insurance standards

The specifications of travel insurance policies are determined by the travel insurance provider. The level of cover may vary depending on which travel insurance policies you compare. You should ensure that your policy includes medical, cancellation and loss of baggage cover as a minimum. Other covers included in a comprehensive annual multi trip policy could include: cover for valuables and holiday money, scheduled airline failure insurance, personal accident/personal liability cover and legal expenses cover.

Time limitations

As stated above, there may be restrictions on the period of consecutive travel. If this is the case, comparing backpacker travel insurance policies may be a better option.

Pre-existing medical conditions

When comparing annual travel insurance you should be aware that the conditions of individual policies might be affected by any pre-existing medial conditions. If this is the case, you may benefit from comparing pre-existing medical condition travel insurance.

Age limitations

It is also important to note that some insurers may have an upper age restriction on their annual travel insurance policies so you should verify this before purchasing.

Adventure sports, water sports and winter sports

If you are considering taking part in any activities that are deemed to be dangerous, i.e. skiing, bungee jumping or water sports, you should note that not all policies will cover these as standard. You should seek insurance that does cover this, or check to see if this kind of cover can be added to your policy.

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