Travelling from London to Berlin

If you are planing on heading from London to Berlin then you may find yourself overwhelmed by the plethora of activities and things to do both when you are in London and when you arrive in Berlin. Fear not as you can use some of the amazing places listed below as a starting point for your relaxing trip that is going to be jam packed full of fun!

golden-union-fish-barCuisine in London

J&A Cafe located on Sutton Lane, Clerkenwell, is a contemporary experience with the best in organic meats, breads and cakes. Alcoholic beverages are served here also making this an ideal place to visit in the late afternoon. You will find lots of home style cuisine on offer here.

Golden Union Fish Bar located on Poland Street in Soho is a fantastic place to visit for the classic British dish of fish & chips. Here you will find delicious fresh fish in home made crispy batter with freshly fried hand cut chips for under £10.00 per person.

Must see sights in London

The National Gallery was founded in 1824 and was originally home to just 36 pieces. Now you will find over 2,000 displayed here at any one time with masterpieces on offer from almost every era imaginable. Split in to several wings you will be able to fill your hours wondering through the wings and experiencing all of the different exhibitions on offer here. One visit to the National Gallery is never going to allow you to take in all of the artwork on offer but with the free audio guides you will be able to get the most out of your visit and learn something new.

The London Aquarium provides a fantastic day out for the whole family and you won’t need a UK loan deal to afford the prices as they are extremely reasonable, here you will be able to see schools of fish in recreated environments. You will potentially be able to take part in a behind the scenes tour which gives you 40 minutes to learn more about the running of one of Europe’s largest marine life aquariums. You will see aquarists at work researching new species of fish as well as caring for unwell creatures and maintaining the cleanliness levels of the water. This is a fantastic way for people of all ages to learn a little more about marine life and there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions along the way.


Cuisine in Berlin

AlpenStueck, located in Gartenstrasse 9, is an artsy restaurant offering Austrian and South German cuisine. You will find strudel crust and roast beef in abudance here plus some lesser known pasta dishes that are absolutely phenomenal.

Cafe Aedes, located in Hof II, Hackesche Höfe, is a wonderful cafe full of beautiful local cuisine. If you want to meet some local people then this is a place that is sure to have an abundance. You will find lots of local arty types here including those from the local theatres.

Must see sights in Berlin

Mauer Park is a wonderful green area that is just waiting for you to relax in. You will find a market here on Sundays where you will find a plethora of items on offer with something new each and every single time. In the early afternoon once you have conducted your purchases you will be able to take part in a spot of Karaoke at the Bearpit Karaoke and you can feel safe in the knowledge that the people here are just after enjoying themselves rather than being the best singer there is.

The southern border of Wedding and Mitte is home to a restored part of the Berlin Wall. Here you will be able to visit Checkpoint Charlie and see the tourist centre here. There is a series of boards which display the Wall’s great story and if you want to enjoy something more visual or personal then you can take a walk along the wall itself.


Another fantastic way to see the sights that Berlin has to offer is by bicycle. Central Berlin has a vast wealth of bicycle rental centres to help you find the bicycle that is perfect for you. The city is well designed for cyclists with cycle lanes and cyclists signs built at the traffic lights. You will be able to follow a specially designed route that allows you to visit some of the most well known sights including the Holocaust Memorial, Potsdamer Platz, Tiergarten and the buildings.

Berlin and London are too vast cities that both have such amazing culture to offer. if you are looking for places to stay as well there are many Berlin hotels that offer fantastic value for money right in the heart of the city and by finding out which London hotels are the best value for money you can enjoy a low cost European adventure.

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