Take a trip to Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro bids you welcome from the moment you beach at its picturesque harbour, spotting white sandy beach and soaring mountains. This gives the city its befitting name of “Cidade Maravilhosa”, which is Spanish word for “Marvellous City”. This city is the second largest in Brazil and holds lots of fun spots that any tourist should never pass by.

Rio De Janeiro is home to one of the deepest cultures on our planet and has been Brazil’s number one tourist city for the last 20 years

The people of Rio are lively and exciting! It would be hard to not have fun in the great city of Rio De Janeiro. When you bring your yacht to the shores of Rio De Janeiro you will find sandy beaches, extravagant resorts, and the statue, “Christ The Redeemer.”


Rio De Janeiro has been a major tourist attraction for 20+ years and for good reason! The city has a great beach suited for surfers and family alike. Rio’s long sandy coast is generously populated by volley-ballers, surfers, and your every day average families looking to have some fun in the sun. Rio has a great climate with beautiful sunny days; sure to make your ocean sporting and beach surfing events comfortable and exciting.

Make sure to pack appropriately

If visiting Brazil make sure you pack properly as the country is known for it’s hot summer days and dipping temperatures in the evening. This means packing lots of summer shorts and warm hoodies to wrap up in at night. The website Megcor carries guides on packing for holidays that I found useful. However, remember you are only visiting the country for a short stay! Do not over-pack, to me this is worse than under-packing. At least when you under-pack you can pick up new cheap clothes. Over packing will leave you with a heavy excess luggage bill.

rio-grande-big-bendRio Resorts And Their History

Between the best beach on the planet and the incredible resorts on shore you will have a hard time being bored in Rio! Ever been on a vacation where you seemingly found yourself wandering around looking for something to do? Rio has to be the most difficult place to do that in. There’s almost always something going on in Rio. They have hosted both the World Cup and the Olympic Games in Rio. Sold out resorts for every major sporting even held in Rio resulted in extravagant resorts with countless amenities. Each resort in Rio offers its own unique twists and events sure to keep you entertained for the entire duration of your stay.

Make sure you see these sights

Status of Christ the Redeemer
Rio is home to one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world, “Christ The Redeemer.” “Christ The Redeemer” was constructed between 1926 and 1931. It is known as the most popular and historical Jesus statue in the world. The statue looks over Rio as if to protect it, demonstrating the beliefs the devout Christians of Rio possess. That statue itself weighs in at 635 tonnes and stands at 96 feet tall. This statue is massive and hard to miss.

Often times, you will find that visiting this statue and experiencing all that Rio has to offer in many bucket lists around the globe. This vacation will be an exciting, memorable, and breathtaking experience.The status is located at the top of Corovado Peak. The status has the reputation of being the largest status in the world! You may have to board a cog train to its base. There are hundreds of steps from the base to the top. Things can now be done faster; thanks to the provision of escalators and elevations.


The Arpoador beach, which is highly favoured by surfers separate the Copacabana from Ipanema. There seems to always be a game of volleyball or soccer going in this part of Rio de Janeiro. It also has its fair share of hawkers with their wares on display in the most colourful of manners. Do you love fish with passion? There are loads of fishermen with their fresh fishes on display for anyone interested. Make sure you check out Fort Copacabana and especially its museum, which is open to the general public.

This beach is undoubtedly the most visited by tourists in Rio de Janeiro. The beach is also one of the best beaches in the world! It is far from being lonely; thanks to the array of clubs, theaters, art galleries, restaurants and cafe that help make life really interesting at the beach.

Sugarloaf Mountain
The mountain is as high as 400 meters and towers above Guanabara Bay. A cable car made of glass has been provided to enable easy access to its summit at 20 minutes interval. The mountain is largely composed of granite and quartz.

Jardim Botanico
This is a special botanical garden in Rio de Janeiro. It was erected in the 1800s. There are at least 8000 plant species here, among which are about 600 orchid species. Aside the botanical specimens, there are also quite a number of fountains, monuments and such likes dotting the naturally beautiful terrain. There is a rather big pond containing nothing other than water lilies, the Japanese garden and also the Museu do Meio Ambiente.


Santa Teresa Neighbourhood
The neighbourhood overlooks the city as its perches delicately on its hill. If you will like to see Rio de Janeiro in its elegance of the 19th century, then this is the neighbourhood to pay a visit. Its cobblestone streets and plantation mansions tell all the olden days stories better. Tourists including writers, musicians and artists have found this neighbourhood an irresistible haven.


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