Single trip travel insurance

Single trip travel insurance is the best kind of policy to purchase if you are going on one or two trips in a year. This is the cheapest way to get covered for individual trips, as the cover is only for the specified period; not for the whole year as with an annual insurance policy.

single trip insuranceWhat Single trip cover offers:

  • Your trip is between 1 and 60 days
  • You only want cover for 1 or 2 trips in a year
  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Support
  • Cancellation, Money and Baggage Cover
  • Up to three under 18’s are often included for free with an adult policy

The cheapest solution

Single trip travel insurance is a great way to ensure you get cheap insurance. It’s a no thrills solution. When you compare single trip travel insurance, you need to make sure you get good enough cover for your money. It is a balance of cost and cover.

With single trip travel insurance you get all the aspects of insurance that any policy gives. Baggage, medical, cancellation and money cover are often included as standard; you just need to decide what level of cover you need. If you intend on taking more than one or two trips a year, you may be better off comparing our annual travel insurance policies.

Medical and personal liability cover are often in the millions. In terms of personal items, money and cancellations, when you compare travel insurance quotes, you only need to get cover for the total value of all those aspects. There is no point of insuring for more than the value of the holiday, as it will result in an increased premium.

Cost effective travel insurance

For shorter holidays, this is the cheapest way to insure yourself. Why pay extra for year round cover, when you only need to be insured for a week in a year?

Cheaper insurance – higher excesses 

You will find that quite often, cheaper single trip travel insurance will not have the best level of cover. It is quite often made cheap by increasing the amount of excess you pay. So whereas the benefit is getting cheap insurance, you should be aware that excess may be higher. This is often a correlative variable. The cheaper the insurance, the higher the excess.

Length of travel

If you travel more than twice a year then single trip insurance is probably not the cheapest option for you. If you travel three or more times you are better off comparing annual travel insurance policies.

Family travel insurance

If you are going on holiday as a family it is probably cheaper to compare all encompassing family travel insurance policies. This will work out more cost effective and less time consuming than comparing single trip insurance for each individual.

Adventure sports, water sports, and winter sports

Holidays such as Ski trips are normally annual occurrences. They are also not necessarily the kind of element everybody needs on an annual policy. Comparing single trip travel insurance is a great way to make sure you have additional cover for this kind of holiday. Extra cover can be easily added to single trip policies to ensure extra cover in specific areas of concern. However, be weary that if this kind of cover is not included in the policy, and you make a claim, your insurance claim will probably be rejected.

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