Shopping in Rio or Turkey?

Shopping is an activity that is inevitable. No matter where one is, he or she will at one point require purchasing something. As such, it would be impossible to visit Turkey and not go shopping.


Turkey was located on a major trading route that connected Asia and Europe for many centuries. This rich trading history has been cultivated in the Turks to this day. You can get many unique items ranging from high quality carpets, spices, souvenirs, clothes and many other goods. Each Turkish city has many markets and bazaars that line the streets. This means that by just strolling through the streets with a keen eye you can buy artefacts and other goods. The following are the markets and shopping spots that you should not miss during your visit to Turkey:


· This is the most famous shopping place in Turkey. It is located in Istanbul and has been in operation for many centuries.

· It covers sixty five streets and has around four thousand shops. This is the best place when you want to bargain while you are buying high quality goods. The shops sell many items including jewellery, carpets, leather goods and souvenirs.

· The Grand Bazaar has many restaurants and cafes that offer sumptuous traditional and modern Turkish cuisines.

· The shops at the Nuruosmaniye entrance are a must visit. If you want more to get more affordable prices you should go to the shops that are located in Avrupa Pasajiin Beyoglu’s Balikpazari.

Egyptian Spice Bazaar

· This is the best place when you want to buy spices, jams, Turkish delight, nuts, tea and coffee. You will be amazed by the high number of spices that you have never heard of.

Istanbul Handicrafts Centre

· The handicrafts centre gives you a chance to sample and buy some of Turkey’s best arts. You can also buy ceramics, calligraphy, paintings and many other different arts.


· This market is located in the Istanbul Province of Osmaniye. On Saturdays it is usually flocked by sellers from all parts of Turkey and beyond. You can buy jewellery, home ware and designer shoes. In short you buy almost any antique that will cross your mind.

· You should also try the Gozleme which is cooked by sizzling goat milk cheese and parsley.


· Sahaflar is located at Cardircillar Caddesi, Beyazit. This is the best place to buy books, stationery, unique calligraphy and any type of literature.

Bakircilar Carsisi

· In this market you will be greeted by metal workers working on their wares. You can buy handmade shoes and a host of unique metal items. There are many food markets that sell spices and dried chilies. It is located in Anatolia.

Kemeralti Bazaar

· Located in Izmir this bazaar sells many items that include clothes, leather goods and jewellery. Try to bargain when buying so that you can get good discounts.

· When you are visiting Turkey you should always ensure that you have a keen eye when you are passing through the city streets and villages since each place has a market that sells items that are unique to that particular area. You should also bargain so that you can get goods at a cheaper price. Turkish Visa UK allows UK citizens to visit Turkey for a specific duration.

Shopping in Rio, Brazil

The beauty of the place sometimes makes a person want to buy everything the city has to offer. However, despite the need to purchase all beautiful things one lays their eyes on, it is important to purchase quality products.

Items to be bought vary with each individual. Some seek antiques, others buy clothes and jewellery while others purchase crafts and or souvenirs exclusively from Rio among many other necessary purchases. Here is a guide on some of the places one can consider visiting so as to make that all important purchase.

  1. Sao Conrado Fashion Mall hosts more than 140 stores used by international designers. It also has a food court that provides quite a wonderful experience for a person’s taste buds.
  2. Rio Sul is another one of those popular malls that is located right in the heart of the city. It bursts with activity from hosting over 450 stores as well as a movie theater. As usual, a food court at this mall allows one to sample more of Brazil’s cuisine.
  3. Bofogo Praia Shopping mall is home to many stores on its seven floors. Its food court is located on the top most floor where one can have an aerial view of the beautiful town.
  4. Velho Chico is a place popular place to buy crafts made from recycled, previously discarded materials, renewable materials as well as fibres. The rare kind of art is follows the law of sustainable principles.
  5. Tabacaria Africana is a spot for those who love to indulge in drawing tobacco There are tables where one can sit and lazily enjoy their pick of aromas and fragrances. It faces Praca Quinze.
  6. Livraria da Travessa has a couple of branches throughout the town for the lovers of books. It even stocks books in English in addition to a host of coffee table books.
  7. SAARA is Rio’s ethnic market. It is found in downtown Rio. All things exotic and exclusively Brazil can be found in this market for a fair price.
  8. Casa Oliveira is a haven for tourists who love all things musical. It is located in Rua do Carioca among many other music shops. One can find percussion pieces in this shop in addition to souvenirs like guitars the size of the ukulele and tambourines.
  9. Unimagem is a shop that comes in handy for a person interested in photography. New and used cameras for professional purposes can be bought here. Additional accessories like a tripod, paper or film can also be purchased here. Anyone seeking to develop their images can have it done in their lab as well.
  10. Shopping da Gavea is a famed for attracting intellectuals and artists. Things are a bit pricey but the experience is totally worth it.

An additional pointer is that anyone seeking to use the ATM’s in Rio should know that most are open between 6am till 10pm. One should also check whether it is Visa/MasterCard enabled.