Nightlife in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain is a beautiful city to visit, during the day but at night is when the lights go out the celebrations beginning. Nightlife in Barcelona is one of the main attractions to this city. Tourists from all over the world come together here to enjoy the Barcelona nightlife. The reason why is because of the vast amount of people from all parts of the world, many foreigners, tourists, and students. As well the nightlife presents a wide variety of interesting places to visit and enjoy the night away. The list of places ranges from cafes, bars, pubs, wine bars, late bars, clubs, and various entertainment.

barcelona ramblasBarri Gotic and Las Ramblas

As a first time visitor to Barcelona, one should definitely start out with the nightlife offered by the Barri Gotic and Las Ramblas. It is a central location, and the atmosphere of medieval Spain invites many tourists and newcomers to this area which presents quite a lively atmosphere for nightlife. There are many clubs, bars, and pubs in this gothic area. Be sure to locate the best locations before you make your way out the door. There are some notable places for nightlife in Barcelona such as Rita Blue on Plaza Sant Agusti, which is noted as a pretty funky type of bar, restaurant and club. Also another notable location is Bosque de los Fades or The Forest of the Fairies which is a small pub and café at the end of Las Ramblas. In this area be weary of making sure you keep an eye on your possessions as this area is also notable for a lot of pickpockets and buskers, however as long as you keep an eye on things you’ll be just fine. Luckily you’ve been informed here and are aware of the situation and can now be prepared to have a great time enjoying the nightlife.


L’Eixample is the neighbourhood north of the city. For nightlife entertainment there are plenty of great bars and clubs here. They are scattered around somewhat, so be sure to check them all out. To experience the nightlife here the best idea for you in this area is to get the locations of all the local bars, pubs and clubs and make your way to the ones that seem most intriguing to you.


This is a waterfront shopping center, Barcelona’s biggest mall, which is really made up of half shops and half clubs. By day it makes for great shopping. But at night, the nightlife here is incredible. The many clubs, pubs and bars take over once it’s dark. There is everything in music from Techno to Irish pubs to Salsa, if there is something you are looking for you will find it here. And the bonus is usually there are no cover charges in most of the nightlife places.

Barcelona’s Port Olimpic

For more nightlife experiences the Port Olimpic has a magnificent set of clubs in the Olimpic marina area. This spot is especially lovely in the summer when the weather is hot and it’s enjoyable to stop from club to club all night long. Most of the nightlife clubs during this time have outdoor terraces open for those wanting to celebrate under the stars. This type of nightlife is especially great for groups as there are no cover charges in most bars, and many can get involved in the festivities together.

barcelona 2Cafes in Barcelona

An alternative to the usual nightlife entertainment in Barcelona are the many cafes. In Barcelona there are some really nice coffee shops which have a variety of menu options. For instance you might be interested in something to eat, and many cafes offer foods from bakery goods to full meals. The meals are authentic and less expensive than most restaurants, offering lively atmospheres for a pleasant nightlife option. As well coffee shops not only serve coffee and sweets but many also have bars that serve alcoholic drinks, and may also have outdoor lounge areas and patios as well. Barcelona’s nightlife has much to offer, so be prepared to a full night of events when visiting this exciting city by night!

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