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Croatia is a country in Eastern Europe on the Adriatic seaboard. A geographically small country, Croatia has a staggeringly long coastline of 3.626 miles. Croatia is famed for its many islands, bays and inlets which make Croatia an incredibly scenic destination.

Ancient cities such as Dubrovnik and Split ooze Medieval charm and are good places to moor for sailors that appreciate culture. The Mediterranean sea has little to no currents and tides and is thus easy for novice yachters to navigate. Croatia’s many islands form a natural barrier which protect downwind boats from swell and hard winds, its position east of the Italian boot means that waves do not have much time to form and are thus relatively benign, even for Mediterranean standards.

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History of Croatia

As a former member of Yugoslavia, Croatia is a relatively underdeveloped part of Europe, although Croatia came through the civil war unscathed and is a lot wealthier than neighbouring countries such as Bosnia and Serbia. Croatia has also been a relatively cheap destination compared to other popular destinations such as the south of France, Italy, the Greek Islands and Spain. Croatia’s natural beauty and perfect sailing conditions have however attracted attention from boaters and facilities have markedly improved over the last decade.

Croatia is cheap!

Unfortunately that also means that prices in Croatia have increased accordingly, although Croatia is still a far cheaper destination than most other destinations in France and Italy. Away from larger cities such as Dubrovnik, harbour charges in Croatia are still low or non-existent and facilities such as refuelling stations and showers might be lacking.

Many Islands in Croatia are now privately owned and sailors should be aware that landing on these Islands in Croatia is not allowed and should not be attempted.

Traverse the Mediterranean

Croatia is only a short sail away from Eastern Italy which is easily accessible and an increasingly popular journey. Another well-travelled route is the southern one from Croatia to the Ionian Sea and Greece, with Corfu as the first port of call. Sailors are reminded that traversing the territorial waters of Albania, one of Europe’s last dictatorships, is not recommended and should thus be careful not to stray when navigating around Southern Croatia.

Croatia is now a European Union member, which has greatly facilitated travel into Croatia by air and yacht. The official currency in Croatia is now the Euro. Its rapid development and exquisite scenery indicate that Croatia should no longer be considered as an up and coming destination but as one which has arrived.

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