Family travel insurance

Family travel insurance policies are generally for a family travelling together; consisting of two adults, and up to four children up to the age of 18. This may vary between insurers, so be sure to check the details outlined by the policy when you compare family travel insurance.

family insuranceWhat Family cover offers:

  • 3 Kids go FREE on most Family Insurance Policies
  • Single trip, Annual and Backpacker insurance available
  • UK, European or Worldwide cover
  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Support
  • Cancellation, Money and Baggage Cover
  • Ski and adventure sport cover available

Peace of mind while you are away on your holiday

When travelling as a family, the stakes may be higher. Lost baggage, cancellations and medical treatments can suddenly turn your family holiday into a nightmare. There are more people to worry about and there are larger cost implications if things go wrong. So it is important to have peace of mind by comparing comprehensive family travel insurance.

Single trip or annual multi-trip family travel insurance

Family travel insurance can be bought in both single trip and annual multi-trip form. For families travelling abroad only once or twice, single trip travel insurance will suffice. If you plan to travel more than twice in a year, it would be better to compare annual family travel insurance. Multi-trip insurance is the same as annual travel insurance. Families, who plan on going on multiple trips, can compare annual family travel insurance policies to get cover for the whole year. You will be able to travel to multiple destinations throughout the year, without having to go to the trouble of re-purchasing insurance.

Cost reduction/ all encompassing  

A benefit of comparing family travel insurance is that finding one policy, as opposed to several individual policies, can save you money. Very much like bulk buying. With family travel insurance, quite often kids cover is included FREE. So you will not have to purchase insurance for them. It is also a time/effort saver. You needn’t spend time and effort trawling the Internet for numerous policies. All your travel insurance needs are compiled in one single document.

Adventure sports, winter sports and water sports

Many family holidays are ski/adventure oriented. When you intend on partaking in this kind of activity it may not be a standard addition to a regular family travel insurance policy. However, it will be possible to add these on to family travel insurance policies, if they are not already included.

Number of people on policy

With some family travel insurance providers, there may be a limit to the amount of people you can have on the policy. Quite often three kids are included for free. But you should always read the fine print. Make sure your travel insurance policy adequately covers all family members.

What level of cover should my family travel insurance policy include?

The main features concerned here are the amount of people on the policy and the length of time the insurance is for. As stated above, make sure all members are covered on your family insurance policy. If they are not you may need to add extra people on or consider a different type of insurance for certain members of the family. For example: If you have children that are over the age of 18, and can’t be included as children on the policy, they made need separate insurance.

Remember to be aware of the amount of times your family will travel for; and the length of your travels. Make sure your cover is the right kind of insurance to suit your travel plans.

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