Explanation of travel insurance aboard a cruise holiday

Length of cruise travel is a key aspect. Single trip travel insurance does not often extend for a long enough period of time; and annual travel insurance is often limited to the number of days of consecutive travel you have.

How many countries are you visiting?

The amount of countries that are visited in a cruise are not necessarily reflected in other types of insurance. As you are visiting many different countries, it is important to check that your cruise travel insurance covers all of the countries you will be entering.

There may be some countries that certain insurers are unlikely to cover due to social or political stability. Just make sure you check this when you compare cruise travel insurance.

Should you visit a specialist insurer?

Cruises often appeal to a slightly older traveller. Although many younger travellers frequent this type of holiday, older travellers need to make sure their travel insurance policy reflects their age. It may be necessary to compare over 65’s travel insurance. But most specialist cruise travel insurance policies will be able to cater for an older traveller, better than normal insurance policies do.

As the typical cruise traveller is older, the chance of them having pre-existing medical conditions will raise. Often normal travel insurance policies do not cover for some pre-existing medical conditions, but cruise travel insurance can often be tailored to do so.

As a cruise is a large expense, often more than a standard holiday, specialist cruise travel insurers will often offer full cancellation cover. Cruise cancellations can be due to poor weather conditions or natural disasters.

Will you be doing water sports?

Cruises often include the opportunity to partake in what may be considered to be a dangerous sport. Activities like water skiing and scuba diving are common place.

You should ensure that your policy includes cover for these when you compare travel insurance. But most will offer this kind of cover; or be able to cover it as an ‘add-on’.

Cruise travel tips

Cruise travel insurance has to cover many countries. Some insurers will not offer insurance in areas of political or social unrest. So you need to make sure you are covered for the countries you are travelling to. This website can tell you which countries have problems at the moment and so are best avoided. You are able to search each country by name and that will tell you the current government advice.

What level of cover should Cruise Travel Insurance include?

This entirely depends on your travel plans.

As stated before, important aspects of cruise travel insurance are length of trip, countries travelled to, age and condition of traveller. Also the different activities you partake in. You need to think about what exactly you need to get when you compare travel insurance policies.

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