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Being the largest state in America by size, Alaska is also the country’s most natural and thrillingly beautiful region having fjords, gigantic, glaciers, pompous snow-capped mountains and pristine valleys. The rivers which are fed by glaciers have grizzly bear families roaming about its banks. bald eagles fly overhead and huge sea whales are often seen in the clear waters at the coast. 


Alaska has an amazing cultural history, noticeable by anyone touring the country. This scenery and history ranges from the local community in the region to the dome-shaped cathedrals dating back to Russian imperialism. The most relaxing and calming place to get a view point of this wondrous land is presented by cruising along the breathtaking coastline of Alaska.

The cruises link up smoothly with the Canadian and the north-western US tour highlights. The cliffs, icebergs and the small islands lining the coast are visible from the ship’s deck. Hence oceanic cruising is one of the greatest ways of experiencing and observing the fabulous scenes. There are also many places to visit when on foot to enable you to get a taste of the local foods, do some shopping and gain knowledge on the history of the country.

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Ketchikanm, located in Tongass National Forest, is among the southern Alaskan cities and is a place to visit having evergreen and temperate forests. Canoeing and kayaking are the most practised water sporting activities while biking on the mountains, diving and fishing are the alternatives. Taking rides on small boat will give you the amazing opportunity to observe the fjords and the marine life.

Ketchikan also has an energetic community with many artistic talents. Shops and galleries that display such talents can be seen when you take a stroll around the town and can be bought as travel back gifts or souvenirs.


Another town of interest is Juneau, Alaska’s capital. It is captivating for its natural surroundings, small town sensation and its friendliness, offering lots of arts, crafts only common to Alaskans, brew berries and its great restaurants which keeps you well fed in your visit. For the history of Alaska you should visit Skagway museum, Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park and the Gold Rush Cemetery because people have been living here since time forever. A few of the Alaskan explorations commence in Seattle. This gives you a great chance to check out some of the important sites in the US, like the Pike Place Market and the Space Needle.

Activities to try when visiting Alaska

eagleAlaskan Eye Candy

No matter where you turn in Alaska you’re bound to find something beautiful. Alaska is home to many exotic animals and also large glaciers that span for miles. another thought of looking at a massive ice cube seems a bit boring, however glaciers glisten in the light and sound like thunder when they crash. Careful, while you’re sightseeing in a glacier you may also come upon a massive bear. Alaska is perfect place for many different species of bear to reside.

Now wild bears may generally be a scary thing to encounter, but, it may be the most majestic things that happens to you. Have you ever seen a bear fish? Witnessing a bear sink his claws into a trout as its swims upstream spin a great privilege for many human beings in Alaska.

Doesn’t Get Any Better Than Alaskan Fishing

When it comes to fishing, Alaska is a prime spot. Alaska is home to deep-sea fishing for halibut, River fishing for trout and salmon, and crab fishing to name a few. Regardless of what kind of fishermen you are, you will be sure to have a blast not only fishing for your favourite kind of fish, but also cooking it.

Many will agree that Alaskan fish tastes the best. How does taking a small excursion from your yacht to the shore for some river fishing and outdoor grilling sound? Or how about fishing 200 feet deep off the side of your yacht for a 100 pound halibut? It doesn’t get much better than the Alaskan wilderness.

World’s Greatest Outdoor Playground?

Alaskans never run out of things to do. The Alaskan wilderness is the perfect place for outdoor extremists to explore and satisfy their adrenaline cravings. The vast forest allows for large competitive paintball and Airsoft matches, as well as quad-ding and dirt-biking adventures.

Alaska’s great mountains allow for intense snow sports and mountain biking. Not to mention the top of every mountain yields a mind piercing picture of some of the most beautiful scenes you’ll ever see, so don’t forget to bring a camera, with lots of storage space.

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