Benefits Of Attaining United States Citizenship

Many foreigners are in love with the `Land of the free, Home of the brave’. US citizenship has been of envy to many; and hence US has prompted many immigrants to take the green card offers. But what really ticks people into sleeplessly wanting the

US citizenship? What does one stand to gain by getting the coveted citizenship?
Retaining their hard earned residency and avoiding deportation to their native countries is a headache for many immigrants. Applying and getting the citizenship means you get to enjoy the rights and benefits entitled to other American residents.

Your children born in the country will automatically enjoy the rights of US citizenship and all the goodies the country has to offer to them as citizens.

Attaining US citizenship also means that your spouse and children can be given priority in the immigration process

This is a benefit the green card holders do not enjoy, as they are restricted from sponsoring their dear ones. The card may also be undermined in a few states like Alabama that requires one to be a holder of US citizenship in order to get the professional licensing to operate in that state. United States citizenship thus becomes critical in enabling one to enjoy constitutional rights and freedom enjoyed by its residents.

Most federal government jobs require that one be a US citizen

For one to hold an elected office, except for the presidential and vice president seats that are only preserved for the natural-born citizens, the person must be a citizen by either birth or naturalisation.

Certain scholarships in the country are only for its citizens. They maybe prestigious scholarships that put people into their dream institutions and sponsorships but can only be enjoyed by those who have the US citizenship. This thirsts many immigrants into wanting the citizenship.

Justice matters seem to give much priority to the US countrymen. The citizenship allows one to engage in their criminal justice system and serve on the court juries. Owning the citizenship protects one from being extradited to some nations, depending on the signed treaties. Your cases are likely to receive a low security jail term with a sensible bail so that you can get up quickly and build the nation in accordance to the dreams of its great ancestors.

On entry to the US, your fingerprint and photo details will no longer be required as long as you are a citizen. Getting to be one of them means you get to have as many visa and passport clearances as anyone of them would have wished for and allowed by their rules and regulations. You can also take the steering to direct the country’s politics through voting in elections.

People want US citizenship so that they can smoothly navigate laid down laws on adopting a US child. It also means that you get a fair share and chance to win a child custody dispute before its courts.

There are vast reasons why people desire US citizenship and most discover even more reasons to thank their decision on taking up the citizenship.