A trip to London with your new backpack

londonA backpack is a type of a suitcase that can be carried in all different styles. You can carry it on your back, carry it in one hand like any other suitcase or pulling it behind you, rolling it on its wheels. They are available in different shapes, designs and sizes for anyone to choose from depending on their taste. They are being improved from time to time on their quality and comfort and this is making them to become more convenient for one to have it without much hassle.

Every year there are new designs of bags that are released into the market. There are those that have four wheels on the bottom and which roll around with ease and they are able to move on their own. These are very convenient as that move with ease.

The travel backpack is also a new in the market. People love this bag because you can carry it in different ways and this means that you do not have to strain carry it in one way. That you can change the carrying style from pulling the bag, to carrying it with one hand or even carrying it on the back.

The travel bags are made in such a way that they cater for as many and different travelers as possible. The travel bags can be used for children of all ages ranging from the wild teenager to the playful little kids. The bags can also be used by the professionals as they are good looking and can fit in well in a business meeting or in an office. For people who love outdoor enthusiast they have not been left behind as they have bags that are designed for that. These bags are usually made in such a way that you can carry it on your back so that you are able to trek and they also have some small wheel on the bottom for one to use while in the city or at the airport. This is very convenient as you are able to change the mode of carrying from shoulders to pulling the bag around on a hard ground.

The most important features of a backpack are the size and the quality. While looking for a travel bag it is good to research on the best bag and the one that will meet your needs as required. Read reviews from other people so that you will be able to get the bag that gives you the most value and the carrying capacity that you want. You may even want to talk to an expert just to make sure that you get what you are looking for in terms of the size and the fitting.

It is possible to find a nice and excellent travel backpack that will last you for years and one that will meet your needs. Shopping online is excellent and very convenient and every person should make use of the online stores.

Once you get your backpack where are you going to travel to? What about London

What makes the capital one of the favourite destinations to visit? Well, the fact that you can do innumerable things in London. With a wide range of events and activities to choose from, you can have a really great time!

Here are some of the interesting things you can and need to do when you visit London.

backpackerVisit the British Museum

It is one of the oldest museums in the world, known for its vast range of collections that is on display. Although it only offers a limited portion, which is available for public display, it is still one of the best in the world.

Visiting for the first time? Don’t forget the Rosetta Stone, Lewis Chessman, Lindow Man, and of course, the mummies.

The displays that they cover range from A.D 300 to A.D 1100, and covers almost entire Europe. Some of the ancient monuments can be seen, along with ancient objects such as Lycurgus cup from fourth century, which changes colours according to the light.

As a visitor, you can discover what the world was like in 18th century, with over 5,000 objects belonging to that era. People can also explore related medicines and rituals. You’ll be able to look at what people did before new generation methods were available.

Visitors can also experience ancient Iran, as it displays monuments and masterpieces belonging to the Persian Empire.

See London with London Eye

London Eye opens at 10:00 am sharp every morning and shuts around 8:30 pm in the evening.

Standing 394 feet tall, the visitors can see this beautiful city with their eyes through London Eye and embrace their loved ones. It is an enormous wheel, showcasing marvellous engineering, where steel cables connect each other, just like spokes of a cycle, displaying LED lights, which can display millions of different colours.

The circuit will last about 30 minutes, where you can enjoy extras too. However, they are optional, which include chocolates, champagnes, a Thames cruise and some privacy!

Houses of Parliament

The houses of Parliament tour offer a mix of politics, history, art and architecture.

Saturday tours are available for the entire year, while it weekday tours open only during the summer. Visitors have two options, where they can either opt for a guide for the tour or they can opt for an audio tour. The audio tour is available in seven different languages.

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